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Performance Athletes

“I’m Nathan Stupar and am currently a linebacker for the New York Giants. I recently tore my ACL on punt coverage during our game against the Detroit Lions our fourth…Read More

Nathan Stupar

New York Giants Linebacker #57

“In my experience, BiowavePRO Neuromodulation Pain Therapy is a great adjunct therapy for providing long-lasting pain relief in my patients. I have several spinal stenosis patients who have had difficulty…Read More

Ron Yacoub

Team Physical Therapist, Miami Marlins

“As a former college athlete, and avid runner I have experienced several knee injuries and general joint issues. A couple of years ago, I had a bi-lateral arthroscopic surgery/lateral release…Read More

Sylvia Jablonski

Managing Director, Drexion Investments

“BioWavePRO is a great therapeutic tool for reducing pain and simultaneously improving range of motion and strength in our athletes. With multiple daily treatments, the athlete can perform rehabilitation exercises…Read More

Byron Hansen

Former Coordinator of Rehabilitation
New York Giants

“BioWavePRO has been a wonderful tool to manage difficult pain conditions in my patients. For example, I have treated frozen shoulder patients who have been resistant to other therapies and…Read More

Steve Scher

Team Physical Therapist, Detroit Lions

“I wanted to let you know about my experience with Biowave. I have been struggling with severe back and neck pain for over 30 years. I was beginning to think…Read More


“My name is Mark and I called earlier today to order a home BioWave machine.  I tried the BioWave system at my physical therapy appointment with Marjorie Alex today at Rehabilitation…Read More


“I originally saw your product on twitter. I believe I e-mailed Ron off that feed, he then called me and I asked my primary  physician for Pain/PT consult. Used the…Read More


“I am a sixty yr.old veteran, have been with VA since 2012. In 2014, I was meddo-vacced to VA where I had an emergency, six hour lung surgery due to…Read More


“Back pain diminished considerably. Was able to enjoy Indy 500 weekend without issues. VERY pleased with it. Thanks for explaining everything to me. Will see both PT and Pain Mgmt…Read More

Rae Ann

“Got mine from VA just over a week ago. After two decades of pain and after countless attempts my pain is virtually gone !! Also, my bp is lower from…Read More


One month after starting BioWave I am absolutely pain and med free. Not even Tylenol. Nothing. No opioids, nothing. None of the things that are in my cabinet. I use…Read More


“This is to thank Ron and Tony from Biowave for helping me get this at my VA Hospital. During the few days since I received it and used it, it…Read More


“I was VA to use Biowave. I’m educating my caregivers, friends as I go. Don’t stop trying! It flipping WORKS. Cumulative effect over time, 30 minutes is all it takes.…Read More


“I would first like to thank you for your outstanding website and podcast.  I have been listening to the podcasts and reading your website content since late last summer/ early…Read More


“They didn’t have Biowave at my VA but I got my pain management person in contact with Biowave. Next thing I know they mailed one straight to my door. I…Read More


“Hi, Thanks for the email and for developing the Biowave HOME pain relief miracle. I was the first veteran at my VA to receive a Biowave HOME device. I had…Read More


“My name is Michael, I served in the USAF. I spent 11 years in Security Forces. I was veteran of both OIF/OEF. Roughly 2014 I had an injury to my…Read More


“I want to thank you and the staff for helping me out of this crazy pain problem I have been having since I had my back surgery in November 2017.…Read More


“Just wanted to let you know I received my new unit yesterday and would like to thank you for all you have done I truly appreciate it. Once again I…Read More


“I had surgery on both shoulders and my back several years ago. I injured my back while in the Army years ago. And have torn both rotator cuffs. Surgery is…Read More


“I have been using my BioWave machine for a couple weeks now and I find it to be every bit effective as when I tried it at the VA hospital,…Read More


“I have had mine for a couple of months, love it, it really helps my back, knee, hip. Got mine through the VA. Gotta try it!”


“I got mine through my VA 4 months ago and absolutely love it. It works!!! Have cut my pain meds in half.”


“After 30+ years of back pain, my BioWave gives me hours of pain relief.”


“I got mine through the VA. This has taken the place of needing injections and virtually no pain. It can be used almost anywhere. It has a cumulative effect to…Read More


“I have been having treatments for about three weeks now and have been beginning to get feeling back in my lower extremities after more than 20 years.”


“This is one great machine. It really does work. You can quote me. One great product and team.”


“BioWave was recommended to me from another veteran. After 12 yrs with back pain and taking pills and therapies, BioWave was the only non-medication that actually relieved the pain in…Read More


“I have been using the BioWave Unit for several months now. I am glad I saw the ad on the internet. The unit works great and relieves my pain without…Read More


“After YEARS of suffering from chronic pain in my lower lumbar area, and being treated with Rx creams, lotions, and sacroiliac joint injections. The BioWave Home unit I received from…Read More


“This BioWave Home Unit is wonderful. I couldn’t ask for anything better for my back pain. I received my unit a few weeks ago through the VA and I am…Read More


“I don’t mind at all with using my testimony. I was on methadone for 11 years through the VA and quit cold Turkey. I would never recommend that for anyone.…Read More


“I just received my BioWave. One of the best pain relievers I have ever experienced. I have had chronic back pain since 1980. I use the BioWave once a day…Read More


“I’m a 67 y/o disabled veteran. I’ve had chronic, severe pain from spinal stenosis and other deterioration of the spine for more than 20 years. Doctors tried everything, including a…Read More


“I’m absolutely surprised by how much this machine works! Got mine through the VA after asking for it just once and I can contest that it definitely works! I’m a…Read More


“I did the initial trial at the VAMC today. Hopefully, I will have one at home very soon. I’m amazed after a 30 min session.”


“Have been getting weekly treatments for the last month. In order to receive my own personal BioWave Home Unit. I’m so excited, waiting anxiously for it to arrive! Just learned…Read More


“I can’t tell you enough how much your device has helped me. I use it at least 2 times a day and that seems to be enough to get me…Read More


“Got mine through the VA. After thirty minute treatments, I can (a) gain full range of motion in my shoulder; (b) bend over and touch my toes, split wood, carry…Read More


“It helped me so much. I was able to get off my opioids for good.”


“So let me preface a little. Due to an accident I ended up having a stroke. I have bee physically fit all my life and did my time in the…Read More


“I received my BioWave about 3 weeks ago it took me quite a while to respond positively because they cut open 16″ of my spine and I have a lot…Read More


“Just used it on my shoulder tonight, the pain level went from a 9 10 to about 3 and when I used it on the left two weeks ago the…Read More


“I normally don’t comment on things like this but I have used a Bio-wave and it WORKED! Long story short, I am fused from L-1to S-1 with hardware in place.…Read More


I love my BioWave. It is great and has helped me be able to walk again because the pain had me so bad that all I could do was lay…Read More


“I have had back problems since I was 35 years old. At my present age of 75, I suffer with severe scoliosis, spinal stenosis, fractures, herniated discs, pelvic fractures, arthritis,…Read More


I received and started using Biowave this week, and all I can say is WOW! I have suffered from chronic post surgery back pain for years, and I refuse to…Read More


I’m a veteran who has serious issues with both of my hips! I was finally able to get an appointment at the V.A. Clinic. OMG! I feel like my left…Read More


“I can’t thank you enough for my biowave, this has been so much help for my knee and back, I can now to things that I couldn’t do before, Thank…Read More


I’m extremely happy to say that since I received the Biowave my hip issues are pretty much a thing of the past! If I do have any pain, all it…Read More


I asked my Pain Doctor, at the VA, if he knew anything about BioWave. Instead of reply he requested a Biowave Representative to come to the house. After the first…Read More


Because I could not get opioids for my neuropathy pain, I reluctantly resorted to alcohol relieves pain but increases, sugar, bad cholesterol and a1c levels!). Now my biowave unit has allowed…Read More


Bio Wave is very helpful to me. I use it on various painful body parts: neck, back & knees. It’s much more helpful than “TENS” Bio Wave relief is long…Read More


“I have been using Biowave on my father in law for approximately a month now. He is a 99 year old WWII veteran and ex POW.  As of now, I…Read More


I was skeptical at first, but pleasantly surprised at how well it worked and how fast! I am extremely happy with the results.

Sally Hartwell

I love this machine! I will fight anyone who tries to take it away! This machine is a real life saver. I have been in severe pain for several years…Read More

Lin LaRonde

“I want to get back with you about the BioWavePRO machine you have provided me. As you know, I have…Read More

Sagi Kuznits

MD Neurosurgical Care
Royersford, PA

“I tried Biowave last week..it was amazing! Cannot believe how much it helped my locked up shoulder/neck muscles and painfree!”

M. Lynn

“I am a patient with a thoracic spine condition that required spinal fusion surgery. Both pre-and post surgery, I have…Read More

Kelly O'Hagan

Jupiter, FL

“I am beyond satisfied with my BioWave unit and it really has become an integral part of my practice ……Read More


“I was Skeptical at first, the VA is not wanting to give out the Biowave, I’m sure that other Veterans…Read More

Daniel R Sherrid Sr

I have had neck issues (major pain) for years—fusion surgery in 2016–no pain relief. Tried everything except for opioids which…Read More


I wanted to take a moment to express my genuine delight with your product: BIO wave home devise. The Veteran’s…Read More

David W Towle

Retired Professor of Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine
Retired Colonel, US Army Medical Corps MFS DMO