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Motion During Treatment

Pain Treatment Protocol

Motion During a Static 30-Minute Pain Treatment or During the Initial Static 8-minute Portion of the Physical Therapy Protocol

The sensation from the treatment is a deep smooth tingling and pressure sensation as the muscle is held in tension in the volume of tissue being treated. Motion may cause a stronger or weaker sensation and will cause the location of the electrical field to shift slightly internally. Shifting of the electrical field is most prevalent when treating shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, fingers, ankles and feet.

The goal is to have the patient gently articulate the joint at the treatment location to shift the sensation caused by the electrical field so that it focuses directly onto and encompasses the primary point of pain. This is a fine tuning of the treatment that will provide the best treatment result.

Physical and Occupational Therapy Protocol

AROM, PROM, Exercise or Stretching During the Biowave Treatment

In physical and occupational therapy applications, BiowavePRO should be used first, in place of heat, for 8 minutes to allow the effect of the electrical field to occur on the C-fibers, A-delta fibers and muscle tissue.

Use cohesive wrap, tape or a velcro strap to help hold the electrodes in place.

After the first 8 minutes, intensity is reduced by 5 to 10% to take the edge off of the sensation from the electrical field. Body locations that are more sensitive to stimulation, like upper extremities, require a greater reduction in intensity – typically a reduction of at least 10 percentage points – so that activity can be accomplished comfortably during the Biowave treatment. The strength of the sensation from the electrical field should never limit the ability of the patient to complete movement through a full range of motion.

After the intensity is reduced, the patient begins active or passive range of motion, exercise or stretching therapy during the remainder of the 30 minute BioWave treatment.

Depending upon the part of the body being treated and the intensity level the patient has reached, some patients may need to reduce the intensity more than 5 – 10% from their prior level in order to be comfortable during any type of motion therapy. The sensation from the electrical field should NOT limit the patient from achieving their complete range of motion.

After one to two sets of motion or exercise, the patient’s body will continue to adapt to the electrical field and the patient may then increase the intensity with 1 to 3 presses of the Plus (+) button to help control pain caused by forcing the joint to a point of greater flexion or extension.

Patients can move more resistance through a greater range of motion with significantly less pain. Biowave significantly facilitates the ability of the patient to perform therapy. Additionally, because of the long carry over effect, patients have little post exercise soreness.