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When BioWave Neurostimulators Should Not Be Used

  • DO NOT USE on patients with a cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator as the stimulator may interfere with its function.
  • BioWave stimulators MAY BE USED on patients with implanted spinal cord stimulators, peripheral nerve stimulators or other implanted electrical stimulation devices if the implanted device can first be turned off remotely.
  • DO NOT USE any electrodes over the heart or across the thoracic volume. Electrodes can be applied to the back of the thorax and lateral aspect of the upper limb (i.e. below/down the shoulder).
  • DO NOT PLACE the electrodes on the front or side of the neck.
  • Electrodes MAY BE PLACED on the back of the neck up to the base of the back of the skull.
  • DO NOT PLACE electrodes on top of the head.
  • DO NOT USE on patients prone to seizure (for example, epileptics).
  • DO NOT USE the stimulator if the patient has pain of unknown origin.
  • DO NOT PLACE electrodes and DO NOT USE the stimulator over open wounds, broken skin, rashy skin or sensitive skin areas (e.g. sunburned skin).
  • Biowave electrodes MAY BE PLACED and BioWave stimulators MAY BE USED over scar tissue, tattoos or any other intact skin area.
  • Keep Biowave stimulators away from children.
  • BioWave stimulators MAY BE USED to treat over body locations that have implanted orthopedic hardware made from metal or other materials including total joint replacements, pins, screws, plates, and anchors.