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BioWave RX for Providers

Learn how to incorporate BioWave Smarter Pain Blocking Technology into your practice, clinic or athletic training setting.

BioWave RX
For Providers

FDA Cleared & Clinically Proven

BioWave GO for personal use

Learn more about BioWave Smarter Pain Blocking Technology to relieve my chronic or acute pain.

For Personal Use

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Athletes swear by it

Education & Training

With the resources below, we’ve made learning about and using BioWave as straightforward as possible. Since BioWave's electrode placement and treatment protocols are significantly different from other forms of electrical nerve stimulation, it’s best to get familiar with all protocols used with BioWavePENS, BioWavePRO, and BioWaveHOME.

Training Videos

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    Complete BioWave Training Video
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    BioWave Percutaneous Electrodes
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    BioWave - 20 Second Explanation
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    BioWave - Brief Overview
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    Electrode Placement Rationale
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    Electrode Placement
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    How BioWave Works and Choosing Correct Electrode Size
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    Operation of the BioWave Device
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    Treatment Protocols
  • Video Thumbnail
    Clinical Efficacy
  • Video Thumbnail
    Safety and Contraindications
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    Mechanisms of Action
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    Body Position During Treatment
  • Video Thumbnail
    Motion During Treatment
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    Cumulative Benefit From Multiple Treatments
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    BioWaveGO - What is in the box
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    BioWaveGO - How to get started
  • "Since trying the BioWave machine, I have had immediate relief from the pain and have experienced about a 90 to 95% reduction in the pain. I have stopped taking medications and am feeling much better. The pain improvement is nothing short of miraculous."

    George R. Dean

    San Ramon, CA

  • "BioWave is a great therapeutic tool for reducing pain and simultaneously improving range of motion and strength in our athletes. With multiple daily treatments, the athlete can perform rehabilitation exercises with less pain, allowing him to return to play more quickly."

    Byron Hansen New York Giants

    Former Coordinator of Rehabilitation,
    New York Giants

  • "I am a neurosurgeon and I have been using BioWave over the past 2 years. The system is easy to use and has given my practice an additional modality to help with difficult to treat back and neck symptoms that are not amenable to traditional spine surgery. I also use BioWave for patients with excessive postoperative pain. The system gives me an idea how patients respond to neuromodulation and facilitates the patients appreciation of neurostimulation prior to any invasive trials."

    Sagi Kuznits MD

    Neurosurgical Care
    Royersford, PA