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BioWave RX for Providers

Learn how to incorporate BioWave Smarter Pain Blocking Technology into your practice, clinic or athletic training setting.

BioWave RX
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Learn more about BioWave Smarter Pain Blocking Technology to relieve my chronic or acute pain.

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Education & Training

With the resources below, we’ve made learning about and using BioWave as straightforward as possible. Since BioWave's electrode placement and treatment protocols are significantly different from other forms of electrical nerve stimulation, it’s best to get familiar with all protocols used with BioWavePENS, BioWavePRO, and BioWaveHOME.

Training Videos

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    Complete BioWave Training Video
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    BioWave Percutaneous Electrodes
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    BioWave - 20 Second Explanation
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    BioWave - Brief Overview
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    Electrode Placement Rationale
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    Electrode Placement
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    How BioWave Works and Choosing Correct Electrode Size
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    Operation of the BioWave Device
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    Treatment Protocols
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    Clinical Efficacy
  • Video Thumbnail
    Safety and Contraindications
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    Mechanisms of Action
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    Body Position During Treatment
  • Video Thumbnail
    Motion During Treatment
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    Cumulative Benefit From Multiple Treatments
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    BioWaveGO - What is in the box
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    BioWaveGO - How to get started
  • "I wanted to let you know about my experience with BioWave. I have been struggling with severe back and neck pain for over 30 years. I was beginning to think nothing would ever help. I had tried everything except major surgery. I was ecstatic when I tried the BioWave device that the V.A. hospital had and it relieved my muscle and nerve pain for hours. This device allowed me to get sleep, and even to start going out in public. The company is super responsive to questions and very professional. I love this device! One great company!"

    Joseph Dean

    Durham, NC

  • "I tried the BioWave system at my physical therapy appointment. I was getting my physical therapy session following my 6th hand surgery at HSS in Manhattan. I am quite astonished.  I am quite free of pain in my damaged hand!  This seems like a real game changer!  Many thanks!"

    Mark Loughridge

  • "I’m Nathan Stupar and am currently a linebacker for the New York Giants. I recently tore my ACL on punt coverage during our game against the Detroit Lions. During my recovery, I used BioWave nonstop. It blocked the pain, allowed me to complete my rehab more easily and helped me get back onto the field quicker. I began to play my best football on special teams. The BioWave gave me a quicker healing timeline and took away the pains. I highly recommend it to those who are looking for an edge on recovery and pain relief. It really does wonders. Thank you BioWave for keeping me right and to bringing me back as soon as possible so I can be back to playing on Sundays!"

    Nathan Stupar Linebacker New York Giants

    New York Giants Linebacker #57