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BioWave RX for Providers

Learn how to incorporate BioWave Smarter Pain Blocking Technology into your practice, clinic or athletic training setting.

BioWave RX
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BioWave GO for personal use

Learn more about BioWave Smarter Pain Blocking Technology to relieve my chronic or acute pain.

For Personal Use

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BioWavePRO® Leadwire Cable

The BioWavePRO leadwire cable has a durable blue strain relief between the metal connector and the gray cord. The blue connectors at the other end of the cable easily plug into the blue electrode connectors.

Either electrode can plug into either blue connector on the leadwire cable. The BioWavePRO cable can be used with both BioWave Percutaneous Electrodes and BioWave Noninvasive Reusable Electrodes.

Please call 1-877-BIOWAVE, extension 1 for pricing or to place an order for a replacement leadwire cable.

Product Code: BWPL06