The BioWaveHOME Neuromodulation Pain Therapy System is the patented, proven-effective prescription therapy for treating any type of chronic, acute or postoperative pain at home or while traveling.

The BioWaveHOME neurostimulator utilizes a unique patented signal-mixing technology that is identical to BioWavePRO to deliver electrical signals through the skin directly to nerves for inhibiting pain transmission and improving function. The signal technology is covered by several U.S. and international patents.

Clinical studies have shown that BioWaveHOME with noninvasive electrodes can be used to reduce pain and improve function, including an increased range of motion, decreased stiffness and reduction of muscle spasm for up to 24 hours following a single 30-minute treatment.

BioWaveHOME can be used to treat pain in numerous locations including the lower and mid back, neck, hip, groin, knee, shoulder, ankle, foot, elbow, wrist and hand. BioWaveHOME may provide profound pain relief from tendon issues like acute and chronic tendinopathies and from ligamentous issues like joint sprains.

BioWaveHOME Clinical Overview


Transition from BioWavePENS or BioWavePRO to BioWaveHOME
If treatment by BioWavePENS in your physician’s office or clinic reduced your pain or increased your range of motion, then BioWaveHOME may be an adequate solution for ongoing maintenance of your pain condition. However, BioWavePENS will typically provide 3X greater efficacy and longer lasting relief than BioWaveHOME.

If patients require greater pain relief, BioWave Percutaneous Electrodes may be prescribed for patients for use with a BioWaveHOME neurostimulator.

If treatment by BioWavePRO with noninvasive electrodes in your healthcare provider’s office reduced your pain or increased your range of motion, then you will receive a similar response from BioWaveHOME with noninvasive electrodes.

Easy to Use
Only three buttons are used to operate BioWaveHOME and there is no programming. The signals are optimized to penetrate skin, block pain and improve function.