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Learn how to incorporate BioWave Smarter Pain Blocking Technology into your practice, clinic or athletic training setting.

BioWave RX
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Learn more about BioWave Smarter Pain Blocking Technology to relieve my chronic or acute pain.

For Personal Use

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The BioWaveHOME Neuromodulation Pain Therapy System is the patented, safe and effective prescription pain therapy system for relieving chronic, acute or postoperative pain at home or while traveling.


BioWaveHOME is also covered by Worker's Compensation and is a highly effective tool to reduce pain, facilitate rehabilitation and accelerate patients' return to work.


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FDA Cleared on 09/25/2015, K152437

Easy to Use
Only three buttons are used to operate BioWaveHOME and there is no programming. The signals are optimized to penetrate skin, block pain and improve function.

The BioWaveHOME neurostimulator utilizes a unique patented signal-mixing technology that is identical to BioWavePRO to deliver electrical signals through the skin directly to nerves for inhibiting pain transmission and improving function. The signal technology is covered by several U.S. and international patents.

Clinical studies have shown that BioWaveHOME with noninvasive electrodes can be used to reduce pain and improve function. The treatment can also reduce stiffness and provide long lasting pain relief.

BioWaveHOME can be used to treat pain in numerous locations including the lower and mid back, neck, hip, groin, knee, shoulder, ankle, foot, elbow, wrist and hand. BioWaveHOME may provide profound pain relief from numerous types of pain conditions including arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, tendon issues like acute and chronic tendinopathies and from ligamentous issues like joint sprains.