BioWaveGO non-opioid, FDA cleared, superior pain relief technology

BioWaveGO is superior pain relief technology for people that are serious about living a pain-free life. This is the modern, smart and proven way to block your chronic pain. With 15 years Rx experience, BioWaveGO is 100% drug-free, FDA cleared, patented, professional athlete proven - now in a non-prescription, wearable form. There is a reason BioWave is used by the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and 160+ NCAA programs.

Imagine what it can do for your chronic or acute pain. Just one 30-minute treatment significantly reduces pain for up to 24 hours and there is a cumulative benefit from multiple treatments. Free shipping and the no risk, 30-day money back guarantee, means you can try BioWaveGO with nothing to lose except the pain.
Feeling is believing.


Professional athlete tested patented & different than anything you have tried – It works in 30-minutes to significantly reduce pain for up to 24 hours

Now you can use the same pain relief technology used by elite athletes on more than 120 professional sports teams

BioWaveGO is Life-changing pain relief technology – now for anyone that suffers from chronic pain

  • Superior pain relief technology for people that are serious about leading a pain-free life
  • 15 years RX experience now in the non-prescription BioWaveGO
  • 100% drug-free, safe, easy and comfortable to use
  • Professional athlete proven, now for everyone else in pain
  • FDA cleared, wearable pain relief technology
  • Patented technology designed to block pain deep at the source unlike old-fashioned TENS
  • Just one 30-minute treatment can provide up to 24 hours of continued pain relief
  • There is a cumulative benefit with multiple treatments
  • Enjoy significant pain relief in your back, knees, elbows, shoulder, ankles – almost any place you have pain
  • Blocks chronic or acute pain including pain that results from arthritis or fibromyalgia
  • BioWaveGO kit includes the GO unit, 3 pairs of pain relief pads – up to 30 pain relief treatments, a charger
  • Free shipping on your order
  • 30-day no risk money back guarantee, so you have every reason to try it
  • BioWaveGO is HSA/FSA eligible
  • We offer an option for a payment installment plan through our partner Affirm
  • Read the life-changing testimonials

BioWaveGO is NOT old-fashioned TENS, some smelly cream or unproven gimmick – BioWaveGO patented technology blocks the pain deep at the nerve

Proven, effective, and fast pain relief – great for back, neck, shoulder, elbow, knee, arthritis, and fibromyalgia – BioWave is superior, patented, smarter pain relief technology developed over 15 years of Rx experience. There is a reason most teams in the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB, as well as over 160 NCAA programs use BioWave. It works. Imagine what the non-prescription and wearable BioWaveGO can do for your bad back, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle or almost anywhere you have pain. One 30-minute treatment is all it takes for up to 24 hours of significant pain relief, and there is a cumulative benefit with multiple treatments. BioWaveGO is safe, comfortable, fast and effective. This is a life changer.

Guaranteed to block your pain – we are so confident you will love it, we offer a no-risk trialOur mission is to help people lead a fuller, pain-free life. BioWave is proven, patented technology that blocks pain at the nerve. One 30-minute treatment is all it takes for up to 24 hours of significant pain relief, and there is a cumulative benefit with multiple treatments. Do yourself or someone you love a favor and try BioWaveGO. You have nothing to lose except the pain – or your money back with our no risk 30-day guarantee. We also offer a monthly payment plan, and it is HSA/FSA eligible. Try it for yourself.  Feeling is believing.

Safe and comfortable pain relief for everyone – if you have pain, this is made for you BioWaveGO is for adults of all ages and physical fitness who have chronic or acute pain and who are done messing around with smelly creams, dangerous pills, and gimmicks. BioWaveGO is simply the best-kept secret in pain relief.  It is 100% drug-free, safe, easy and comfortable to use. Learn more here. Once discovered it is shared among family and friends who will thank you for changing their lives. Please read some of the life-changing testimonials.

Patented pain relief technology – different and better than old-fashioned TENS – BioWaveGO is patented, FDA cleared, non-opioid, and effective pain relief technology that works deep to block pain at the nerve. This is NOT old-fashioned TENS that works at the surface and is often ineffective or something you have to wear for 30+ days. We invite you to do the research and learn why BioWaveGO is affordable life-changing pain relief technology that is superior and different than anything you have ever tried. Whatever your passion, get back into the game of life – pain-free. Effective, drug-free pain relief is finally here for everyone. Please call us at 1-877-BIOWAVE x1 or email our customer support team a question about BioWaveGO here.

BioWave is different – deeper is better. Old-fashioned TENS units only deliver electrical signals across the surface of skin. BioWave is a patented high-frequency neurostimulation pain blocking technology that delivers therapeutic electrical signals through skin into deep tissue right to the surface of pain fibers. The electrical field that forms around the pain fibers blocks the transmission of pain signals to the brain. The mechanism of action is similar to a chemical anesthetic like Novocain, except BioWave is blocking the transmission of the pain signal electrically instead of chemically. More information describing how BioWave is superior to TENS or other old-fashioned treatments is available here.


"Our athletes consistently ask to use the BioWave and we have had tremendous results with it...."

Jon Michelini Athletic Trainer

"I am quite astonished.  I am quite free of pain in my damaged hand!  This seems like a real game changer!  Many thanks!..."

Mark Loughridge

"The BioWave unit has been the most effective tool in my pain management arsenal BY FAR!..."

Kelly O’Hagan

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Old-fashioned TENS

Shallow Reach


Deep Relief

Non-prescription, non-opioid pain blocking
15 years of clinical research and real-world Rx experience have resulted in this patented, non-prescription pain blocking breakthrough. By blocking pain at the source, FDA cleared BioWaveGO is fast becoming the go-to solution for pain sufferers everywhere.

Lower back, mid back, elbow, wrist, shoulder, neck, knee, ankle, or almost anywhere you have pain.

Fits in your pocket. Fits in your life.
Don’t let its size fool you. At just 3”x4”x1”, BioWaveGO can make an enormous impact on your day-to-day life. 85% of users experience significant pain reduction from a single 30-minute treatment. Read our testimonials for amazing
success stories.

Tame the Pain
BioWaveGO was engineered for simple, effective use. There’s a Power button, a Plus button to increase intensity, and a Minus button to decrease intensity. Thanks to easy-to-read color bars, a quick glance at your BioWaveGO device shows you everything from signal intensity to Bluetooth® connection to remaining treatment time. Straightforward design for straightforward pain relief.

BioWaveGO technology makes the magic
This is not an old-fashioned TENS unit, a smelly cream, dangerous pill, or some contraption you have to wear for 30 or more days for it to possibly work. One 30-minute treatment from BioWave is often all it takes to enjoy a significant reduction in pain for up to 24 hours and there is a cumulative benefit with multiple treatments. Placement of GO pain relief pads is key since BioWaveGO is different from conventional electrical stimulation. The active electrical field forms beneath and surrounding each Pain Relief Pad. It is designed to block pain at the source. Did we mention BioWave smarter pain blocking technology is patented?

Looking to get back in the game? GO!
Name your passion – Tennis, running, golf, hiking, walking the dog, playing with kids or grandchildren, getting around and doing errands, or sleeping through the night without the limitations and disruptions of chronic or acute pain.

BioWaveGO can help you get back in the game of life — pain-free. With a 30-day money back guarantee, you can relax knowing you have nothing to lose except the pain.

Less Pain, More Game
Ready, Set, GO!

  • Smart Pain Blocking Technology vs. Old-Fashioned TENS
  • BioWaveGO
  • TENS
  • Provides Instant, Long Lasting Pain Relief Up to 24 Hours Post Treatment*
  • Proven to Reduce Opioid Use*
  • Comfortable Treatment Provides a Deep, Smooth Sensation*
  • Easy to Use No Programming
  • Safe Software Automatically Prevents Burns
  • Portable Handheld and easily used at home, work or on the go.
  • Treatment Duration
  • 30 MINUTES
  • 4–8 HOURS
  • "The BioWave unit is superior to the TENS unit that I previously had used since 1996. I was impressed with the residual pain relief experienced after using the BioWave. I am a chemist and as such, I tend to notate details when working with an alternate therapy. I can wholeheartedly recommend BioWave over the TENS unit as helpful in relieving pain."

    BioWave beats TENS

  • "I am beyond satisfied with my BioWave unit and it really has become an integral part of my practice … my “go-to" unit if you will … particularly since I’m a Manual Orthopedic Physical Therapist and modalities are an adjunctive way for me to initiate and complete treatment. Thank you and congratulations!!!   I see a VERY BRIGHT FUTURE for BioWave!"


  • "I was 1st at my VA to use BioWave. I’m educating my caregivers, friends as I go. Don’t stop trying! It flipping WORKS. Cumulative effect over time, 30 minutes is all it takes. Guys, I swear by my BioWaveHOME unit, it’s given me my life back. No fog from drugs, I use it on my schedule, when I need it. Go for it, you will not regret it."