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Nate Stupar New York Giants Linebacker #57

I recently tore my ACL on punt coverage during our game against the Detroit Lions our fourth game into last season. I want to tell you about my journey. Tearing your ACL means recovery takes about six to nine months to return to the football field. This is a difficult thing to process because I’m used to injuries taking a couple weeks to come back from. Recently in preseason this year, I tweaked my hamstring against the Texans. Hamstrings are no laughing matter because they are very tricky. If it isn’t right and you come back too soon, you can easily tweak it again and be out another couple of weeks. But during my recovery, I used BioWavePRO nonstop. It blocked the pain, allowed me to complete my rehab more easily and helped me get back onto the field quicker. I began to play my best football on special teams until I ended up tearing my ACL. The BioWavePRO gave me a quicker healing timeline and took away the pains that can come with a tweaked hammy. I would definitely suggest using BioWavePRO for future injuries like I am now with my ACL. I am currently rehabbing from my surgery and things are going great. Yes, it will take time to get back to grinding on the field with my brothers, but I know I’ll be back quicker with the help of my BioWavePRO by my side! I highly recommend it to those who are looking for an edge on recovery and pain relief. It really does wonders. Thank you BioWave for keeping me right and to bringing me back as soon as possible so I can be back to playing on Sundays!

Nick Meyer Kansas University Polevaulter

I’ve been using the BioWave Go unit for about 3 weeks now. In that amount of time I’ve noticed a huge drop in my chronic low back pain from pole vaulting and exercising in the gym. It has become part of my daily routine before and after my workouts while I’m stretching. Before using the unit, I would always take ibuprofen because I knew that I would be hurting after working out. I no longer take any ibuprofen as long as I use the unit before and after, and I’ve noticed that what little pain I do still have, is much less muted. The Go unit’s portability is unrivaled and has gone with me to the track, the gym, and on the road. The unit has streamlined my recovery methods and performed exceptionally well to all my demands. The only thing I wish came with the unit, was a protective soft case that could hold the numerous different electrodes and wires. Overall, I am beyond impressed at the power and effectiveness BioWave has packed into such a small package. I look forward to using the Go unit in my future training for my current issues and any future issues that may arise.

Sarah Robertson Field Hockey Olympic Champion

I have been using and supporting Biowave for a few months now and find it to be a fantastic aid towards recovery from hard training sessions and also keeps me on the field of play.

We are always getting small knocks and injuries during games, so pain management is crucial, especially to get through tough tournament schedules.

I know that Biowave will provide myself and the team  with safe, proven pain relief, when needed, at the touch of a button and will help us on the road towards our goal of an Olympic Gold medal!

Chris Jones Associate Athletic Director for Richmond University

The University of Richmond uses the BioWave as its go to modality for pain management.  We have found it effective for pain management from acute injuries like AC Sprains and MCL Sprains to chronic pain from tendonitis or low back pain.

The BioWaveGO allows these treatments to be more portable than ever.  We can treat athletes on the bus, plane, hotel, field or anywhere that treatment is needed.  The little blue box is what our athletes ask for time in and time out.

Steve Scher Managing Clinic Director, Detroit Lions

BioWave has been a wonderful tool to manage difficult pain conditions in my patients. For example, I have treated frozen shoulder patients who have been resistant to other therapies and whose range of motion was limited. However, when we applied BioWave for eight minutes at the beginning of the PT regimen, and then while the treatment continued, we began PROM and exercise therapy with the patient. The patient was able to move more resistance through a greater range of motion with significantly less pain. I have found it to be a wonderful tool to facilitate motion and allow my patients to complete my therapy protocols much more comfortably.

Ron Yacoub Team Physical Therapist, Miami Marlins

In my experience, BiowavePRO Neuromodulation Pain Therapy is a great adjunct therapy for providing long-lasting pain relief in my patients. I have several spinal stenosis patients who have had difficulty returning to daily activity through traditional physical therapy. When I treated my patients with BiowavePRO, the treatments consistently provide about 48 hours of continued pain relief as well as a significant reduction in stiffness. I have found it to be one of the most helpful tools to get my patients to comfortably return to daily activities.

Rick Griffin Head Athletic Trainer, Seattle Mariners

I have been using BioWave for five years now and have grown to count on it in helping me keep my athletes on the playing field.In a sport that requires them to play a game every day I need a product that I know will give me the results, I need to help combat pain, inflammation and muscle fatigue.I have had tremendous results with pitchers reducing shoulder and elbow soreness using it for treatments the day following their starts.I use it on elbows for flexor bundle inflammation and medial epicondylitis, and on shoulders to help reduce inflammation and fatigue.I also use it in our rehab settings following surgeries to help control pain and facilitate motion during exercise programs. The “Blue Box” is an important adjunct to our overall health care plan to keep our athletes on the baseball diamond.