Chronic Pain Patients

BioWave FDA cleared, non-opioid and patented pain relief is used by all kinds of patients including professional athletes, veterans, active military and many others in chronic pain.

BioWave helps people in chronic and acute pain live a more active and pain-free life. BioWave's devices all work toward the same goal: to help you block and manage chronic or acute pain and live a pain-free, fuller, more active life by delivering instant, long-lasting pain relief. 100% opioid-free. BioWave is clinically proven to effectively block pain for up to 24 hours from one thirty minute treatment. In fact, 85% of patients experience a significant reduction in pain.*  BioWave is used by over 120 professional sports teams in the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, 160+ NCAA programs as well as by pain doctors and people just like you.  

BioWave smarter pain relief technology has been used by/prescribed for U.S. active military, veterans, professional athletes and people with chronic pain.  

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BioWave is the non-opioid, smarter pain relief technology that is now available to U.S. federal employees, active military and veterans through FSS contract number V797D-70205. Please contact us to learn about the significant pain-relief results most people are getting with BioWave, and if you may be able to receive a BioWaveHOME unit through your healthcare provider. You can also read patient testimonials on our website.  
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BioWave is proud to be on the Federal Supply Schedule and work with premier healthcare organizations who are leading the way with new non-opioid pain therapies for all federal employees, U.S. active military, and veterans. The appearance of DoD, VA or Federal Government visual information does not imply nor constitute endorsement. Each patient’s/user’s condition is specific and unique; please understand that past results may not be indicative of, and does not necessarily predict future results.


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  • "I’m Nathan Stupar and am currently a linebacker for the New York Giants. I recently tore my ACL on punt coverage during our game against the Detroit Lions. During my recovery, I used BioWave nonstop. It blocked the pain, allowed me to complete my rehab more easily and helped me get back onto the field quicker. I began to play my best football on special teams. The BioWave gave me a quicker healing timeline and took away the pains. I highly recommend it to those who are looking for an edge on recovery and pain relief. It really does wonders. Thank you BioWave for keeping me right and to bringing me back as soon as possible so I can be back to playing on Sundays!"

    Nathan Stupar Linebacker New York Giants

    New York Giants Linebacker #57

  • "BioWave is a great therapeutic tool for reducing pain and simultaneously improving range of motion and strength in our athletes. With multiple daily treatments, the athlete can perform rehabilitation exercises with less pain, allowing him to return to play more quickly."

    Byron Hansen New York Giants

    Former Coordinator of Rehabilitation,
    New York Giants

  • "The BioWave is a life saver in pain reduction. I often experience sharp pangs, limping and generally incredible amounts of pain after engaging in strenuous weight bearing activity. Being an active person who does not wish to give up my hobbies over knee pain, I tried so many things to find a solution, and it wasn’t until I was introduced to the BioWave that I noticed a difference."

    Sylvia Jablonski

    Managing Director, Drexion Investments
    New York, NY