Private Pain Providers

For physicians in pain, spine, and orthopedic clinics, BioWave provides two FDA cleared, non-opioid options for their patients to manage chronic, acute and postoperative pain. BioWave is covered by workers' compensation and national private insurance.

BioWaveHOME – is a prescription neurostimulator that the patient uses to manage their pain at home or while traveling
BioWavePENS – (Percutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a reimbursable pain relief therapy performed under the supervision of a physician in an office setting
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BioWaveHOME is a prescription neurostimulator for patients designed to treat chronic, acute and postoperative musculoskeletal pain on an as-needed basis at home or while traveling. BiowaveHOME is covered by workers’ compensation, Tricare and some private insurance.

If patients respond to BioWavePENS in the physician’s office, they typically will also respond to BioWaveHOME with noninvasive, reusable electrodes at home. Learn More

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BioWavePENS is the only FDA-cleared PENS device indicated for relieving chronic, acute and post-operative pain. BioWavePENS is comprised of a BioWavePRO high-frequency neurostimulator and BioWave Percutaneous Electrodes. BiowavePENS is used to treat both nociceptive and neuropathic pain, typically in a pain and spine clinic or hospital setting under the supervision of a physician. BiowavePENS is covered by workers’ compensation and private insurance. Learn More

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