Athletic Trainers And Physical Therapists

BioWave non-opioid pain relief technology helps athletic trainers and physical therapists keep top athletes in the game.

BioWave provides patented and portable pain relief and is prescribed to over 500 professional athletes and used by hundreds of collegiate teams.

BioWave provides instant, long-lasting pain relief to improve function and accelerate an athlete's return to play.


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Leading athletic trainers use BioWave to relieve their athletes’ chronic, acute and post-operative pain. BioWave provides advanced non-opioid pain therapy solutions for athletes to help them get back on the field.

BioWave goes beyond old-fashioned TENS

Clinical studies have shown that BioWave’s neuromodulation technology can be used to provide longer lasting pain relief and functional improvement including an increase in range of motion, decreased stiffness and a reduction of muscle spasm following a single 30-minute treatment. Multiple treatments may provide a cumulative longer lasting residual benefit.

BioWave is used in physical therapy and athletic training settings during active or passive range of motion, exercise or stretching so patients can move more resistance through a greater range of motion with much less pain. Read about our physical therapy protocol by clicking here

BioWave is preferred

Reduces the Need for Opioids
Clinical studies show that BioWave reduces the need for opioids and other pain medications.

BioWave feels like a deep, smooth pressure sensation, not the noxious twitching at the surface of the skin like conventional TENS units. As a result, patient compliance is excellent.

Easy to Use
There is no programming. BioWave can be used in the training room, during meetings, on airplanes, buses, in the hotel room or on the sidelines.

Built-in software in all BioWave neurostimulators automatically limits the patient from reaching too high an intensity, preventing burns.

Made in the USA
BioWavePRO, BioWaveHOME, BioWaveGO and all BioWave electrodes are manufactured here in the USA.


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