Homewave® Electrodes

Homewave electrodes are reusable noninvasive surface electrodes typically used to relieve pain and improve function in a home or work setting. Homewave electrodes are the only electrodes that are designed to work with the Homewave Neuromodulation Pain Therapy System. There are three different sets of Sportswave electrodes sized to focus the therapeutic signals to different locations in the body.
HWE001(B) - two round equal area electrodes (2 inch diameter) for treating two equal points of pain. Used for bilateral or unilateral pain in the lower back, buttocks, cervical spine, and shoulders, for radiculopathies, for pain centered directly over the spine, for pain throughout the knee, and for pain over large areas.
Sportswave B electrodes
HWE002(E) - one small round electrode (1.375 inch diameter) for a primary site of pain and one rectangular electrode (2 inches x 4 inches) for a secondary pain site, or to be placed over a bony prominence in the region being treated. Used for pain in the extremities including the knee, ankle, foot, neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand and finger.
Sportswave E electrodes
HWE003(U) - one round electrode for a primary site of pain (2 inch diameter) and one large rectangular electrode (5 inches x 8 inches) to be placed over a bony prominence in the region being treated - the hip or lateral aspect of the thigh. Used for unilateral pain in the mid-torso region including obliques, hips, groin, buttocks, hamstrings and quadriceps.

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Sportswave U electrodes