The BiowavePRO® Neuromodulation Pain Therapy System is a first line therapy for treating chronic, acute or postoperative musculoskeletal pain.

BiowavePRO utilizes a unique signal mixing technology to deliver electrical signals through the skin into deep tissue for inhibiting pain transmission and improving function. The signal technology is covered by U.S. and international patents.

Clinical studies have shown that BiowavePRO can be used to reduce pain and improve function including increased range of motion, decreased stiffness and reduction of muscle spasm for up to 48 hours following a single 30 minute treatment.

BiowavePRO can be used to treat pain in numerous locations including the lower back, cervical spine, hip, groin, knee, shoulder, ankle, foot, elbow, wrist and hand. Physicians and physical therapists report excellent results treating pain of osteoarthritis and postoperative pain. Athletic trainers reported excellent results from treating pain of sprains in joints, ligaments and tendons. Professional athletes who use BiowavePRO have reported better pain relief and functional improvement compared to all other electrical stimulation modalities and choose to be treated with BiowavePRO when they return to the training room.

Facilitate and Accelerate Rehabilitation

As part of a rehabilitation regimen, BiowavePRO should be used immediately prior to the exercise portion of the physical therapy regimen.

By using BiowavePRO first, for at least 15 minutes in place of heat, the patient obtains long duration of pain relief as well as functional improvement including increased range of motion. As a result, during the exercise portion of the regimen, the patient is able to handle more resistance through a greater range of motion, a key to getting better, faster. In addition, there is a significant reduction in post-exercise pain.

For range of motion therapy, for example following surgery, use for 10 minutes preceding therapy and then use during therapy to increase range of motion with less pain.

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