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February 28, 2019

BioWave Featured in Men’s Journal as a

To see real results fast, you need to attack every workout with intensity, purpose, and precision. But you can’t do that if you’re in pain. Athletes, veterans, and doctors have found a cutting-edge way to treat pain and speed athletic recovery. BioWave alleviates all kinds of pain for veterans, active military, and more than 120
February 19, 2019

Sleep Chronic Pain How To Break Cycle

How Sleep (Good or Bad) Affects Chronic Pain Symptoms Even if you think you’re sleeping the whole night through, your chronic pain could have a bigger impact than you realize on the quality of your sleep. Do you often wake up tired even though you think you slept like a log? It’s likely that your
February 9, 2019

BioWave is better than TENS for pain relief

January 25, 2019

BioWave Corporation Announces Partnership with BetterPT to Expand Offering of Non-opioid Pain Relief Technology

Smart Pain Blocking Technology Helps People Lead Fuller & Active Pain-Free Lives Norwalk, Conn. – January 25th, 2019 – BioWave Corp., a health technology company that delivers Smarter Pain Blocking Technology™ today announced a partnership with BetterPT, a mobile platform for physical therapists (PTs) and clinics where patients can discover, schedule and access appointments with
January 19, 2019


Self Advocacy Tips for Pain Patients Chronic pain is something that stumps doctors and patients alike. It is a growing problem, yet it affects each person in very different ways. It’s important to make sure you’re communicating with your doctor and other medical staff how your pain affects you personally. Here are some tips to
December 14, 2018

Modern Pain Management Newsletter – Arthritis Pain Relief

Why Does Arthritis Cause Chronic Pain? Meta Description: Chronic pain from arthritis causes daily disruption to sufferers, but what really causes it? What pain relief options are there if you have arthritis? Find out. Why Does Arthritis Cause Chronic Pain? There are more than one hundred different types of arthritis that affect more than 54
November 16, 2018

Modern Pain Management Newsletter – Lower Back Pain Treatments

First Course Therapies for Treating Low Back Pain By Bradford Siff Low back pain is one of the most common complaints with respect to pain. When low back pain occurs, there are many possible causes. The most common are typically a muscle strain, tendon strain or ligament sprain. This type of acute pain tends to
November 8, 2018

BioWave Corp. Attacks Pain Market with Surface and Percutaneous Stimulation

BioWave Corp., the Norwalk, CT manufacturer of neurostimulation devices for treating pain, offers a variety of FDA-cleared medical devices, all based on its patented, high-frequency neurostimulation technology for non-opioid, long lasting pain relief. The company’s products include BioWavePRO, for use in a hospital, physician’s office, or athletic training environment, and BioWaveHOME, a home prescription portable
October 17, 2018

BioWave’s Smarter Pain Blocking Technology Now Available at 80 VA Medical Centers Nationwide

BioWave’s non-opioid pain relief technology now at 80 VA medical centers Proprietary, Non-Opioid Treatment for Pain Captures 50% of the VA Hospital Market in One Year Norwalk, Conn. – October 22nd, 2018 – BioWave Corp., a Health Technology company that delivers Smarter Pain Blocking Technology™ today announced that its patented technology is now in use
July 9, 2018

Chiropractor Uses BioWave To Treat Pain

GAYLORD — How does a small-town chiropractic clinic stay on the cutting edge when it comes to treatment? Well, having strong connections to a National Football League athletic trainer certainly doesn’t hurt. Dr. Ted Arkfeld, owner of Arkfeld Advanced Chiropractic (AAC), 860 N. Center Ave., has learned the importance of establishing valuable relationships and utilizing