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Groin & Pelvic Floor Pain

Groin Pain in One Location
Groin Pain in One Location

U-set: The round 2″ diameter primary electrode is placed directly over the location that the pain presents, for example over the adductor as in the photo above. This electrode can treat a single pain location up to about 3″ in diameter.

The very large rectangular secondary electrode is placed horizontally across the lumbar area which is a convenient and very comfortable place to receive stimulation. This large secondary electrode is so large in area, the density of the electrical field is so low, that there is no treatment effect; this electrode acts just as a dispersive electrode to complete the circuit. There is no maximum distance between the electrodes.

Groin Pain in Two Locations

B-set: Two same sized round 2″ diameter Primary Electrodes are used for two locations of pain that are similar in magnitude. For example, one electrode may be placed over the adductor and one electrode may be placed over the conjoint tendon immediately superomedial to the pubic tubercle if pain presents in both of these locations.

Warning: Electrodes must not touch each other.

Pelvic Floor Pain
Pelvic Floor Pain (e.g. pain from Interstitial Cystitis)

B-set: The recommended electrode placement for Interstitial Cystitis is to place both round Primary Electrodes bilaterally over the sacrum, as shown in the photo above, to stimulate the sacral nerves at the base of the spine.

Leave approximately, but not less than, one inch of spacing between the electrodes.

An alternative placement is to use the B-set and place one round electrode over the pubis where pain presents on the front of the body and one round electrode directly over the sacrum to stimulate the sacral nerves at the base of the spine. If hair is in the location of the pubis, then the hair must be shaved so that the electrode can make good electrical contact with the skin.

Consult your physician for additional information.

Body Position: For Interstitial Cystitis treatments, sitting in a supported position with the torso at approximately 90 degrees to the legs helps keep the tissue in the area of the sacrum tauter and the patient in a comfortable position during the treatment.

For the alternative placement with one electrode on the pubis and one on the sacrum, the patient should lie supine (on their back) with their legs straight during the treatment.