BioWaveGO non-opioid, FDA cleared, pain relief technology. 


BioWave is currently used by most teams in the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB as well as by over 160 NCAA programs and by U.S. veterans and active military in over 80 VA hospitals. BioWaveGO is based on 15 years of Rx experience it is now available in a non-prescription strength for everyone else that needs effective, fast, safe, and non-opioid chronic pain relief. Read on, do the research, ask us a question and learn why BioWaveGO is affordable, life changing-pain relief technology.

BioWaveGO is different and is a modern TENS replacement.

Feeling is believing.


BioWaveGO is the ultra-effective, ultra-portable pro athlete proven and military trusted way to block pain at the source without a prescription.
Now you can enjoy significant pain relief in your lower back, knees, elbows, shoulder, ankles – almost any place you have chronic pain – for up to 24 hours from one 30 minute treatment.  
For $299 you will receive a complete BioWaveGO kit including the GO unit, 3 pairs of pain relief pads – up to 30 pain relief treatments, a charger, and a 30-day money back guarantee.
BioWaveGO is HSA/FSA eligible. We also offer an option for a payment installment plan through our partner Affirm.
Effective, non-opioid, proven pain relief is finally here for everyone.


"We have had great success using the BioWave at baseball. We use it on pitchers for rotator cuff and elbow soreness. It is a great..."

Jon Michelini, MS, ATC, LAT (#AL3772)

"I was 1st @ Bath NY VA to use Biowave. I’m educating my caregivers, friends as I go. Don’t stop trying! It flipping WORKS..."


"I’m Nathan Stupar and am currently a linebacker for the New Orleans Saints. I recently tore my ACL on punt coverage during..."

Nathan Stupar

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Shallow Reach


Deep Relief

  • Smart Pain Blocking Technology vs. Old-Fashioned TENS
  • BioWaveGO
  • TENS
  • Provides Instant, Long Lasting Pain Relief Up to 24 Hours Post Treatment*
  • Proven to Reduce Opioid Use*
  • Comfortable Treatment Provides a Deep, Smooth Sensation*
  • Easy to Use No Programming
  • Safe Software Automatically Prevents Burns
  • Portable Handheld and easily used at home, work or on the go.
  • Treatment Duration
  • 30 MINUTES
  • 4–8 HOURS

Non-prescription, non-opioid pain blocking technology
15 years of clinical research and real-world Rx experience have resulted in this patented, non-prescription pain blocking breakthrough. By blocking pain at the source, FDA cleared BioWaveGO is fast becoming the go-to solution for pain sufferers everywhere.

Lower back, mid back, elbow, wrist, shoulder, neck, knee, ankle, or almost anywhere you have pain.

Fits in your pocket. Fits in your life.
Don’t let its size fool you. At just 3”x4”x1”, BioWaveGO can make an enormous impact on your day-to-day life. 85% of users experience significant pain reduction from a single 30-minute treatment. Read our testimonials for amazing
success stories.

One enormous pain blocker.
BioWaveGO was engineered for simple, effective use. There’s a Power button, a Plus button to increase intensity, and a Minus button to decrease intensity. Thanks to easy-to-read color bars, a quick glance at your BioWaveGO device shows you everything from signal intensity to Bluetooth® connection to remaining treatment time. Straightforward design for straightforward pain relief.

BioWaveGO technology makes the magic happen
This is not an old-fashioned TENS unit or some contraption you have to wear for 30 or more days for it to possibly work. One 30-minute treatment from BioWave is often all it takes to enjoy a significant reduction in pain for up to 24 hours and there is a cumulative benefit with multiple treatments. Placement of GO pain relief pads is key since BioWaveGO is different from conventional electrical stimulation. The active electrical field forms beneath and surrounding each Pain Relief Pad. It is designed to block pain at the source. Did we mention BioWave smarter pain blocking technology is patented?

Looking to get back in the game? GO!
Name your passion – Tennis, running, golf, hiking, walking the dog, playing with kids or grandchildren, getting around and doing errands, or sleeping through the night without the limitations and disruptions of chronic or acute pain.

BioWaveGO can help you get back in the game of life — pain-free. With a 30-day money back guarantee, you can relax knowing you have nothing to lose except the pain.

  • "BioWavePRO has been a wonderful tool to manage difficult pain conditions in my patients. For example, I have treated frozen shoulder patients who have been resistant to other therapies and whose range of motion was limited. However, when we applied BioWavePRO for eight minutes at the beginning of the PT regimen, and then while the treatment continued, we began PROM and exercise therapy with the patient. The patient was able to move more resistance through a greater range of motion with significantly less pain. I have found it to be a wonderful tool to facilitate motion and allow my patients to complete my therapy protocols much more comfortably."

    Steve Scher

    Managing Clinic Director, Team Rehabilitation Physical Therapy,
    Royal Oak, MI, and Team Physical Therapist, Detroit Lions

  • "In my experience, BiowavePRO Neuromodulation Pain Therapy is a great adjunct therapy for providing long-lasting pain relief in my patients. I have several spinal stenosis patients who have had difficulty returning to daily activity through traditional physical therapy. When I treated my patients with BiowavePRO, the treatments consistently provide about 48 hours of continued pain relief as well as a significant reduction in stiffness. I have found it to be one of the most helpful tools to get my patients to comfortably return to daily activities."

    Ron Yacoub

    Clinic Director and Owner, Pinecrest Physical Therapy, Miami, FL,
    Key Biscayne Physical Therapy, Key Biscayne, FL,
    and Team Physical Therapist, Miami Marlin

  • "The BioWave is a life saver in pain reduction. I often experience sharp pangs, limping and generally incredible amounts of pain after engaging in strenuous weight bearing activity. Being an active person who does not wish to give up my hobbies over knee pain, I tried so many things to find a solution, and it wasn’t until I was introduced to the BioWave that I noticed a difference."

    Sylvia Jablonski

    Managing Director, Drexion Investments
    New York, NY