VA & Active Military Providers

BioWave non-opioid pain relief technology helps hospital providers, veterans, active military, and federal employees. BioWave is 100% drug-free, pain relief treatment for our nation’s heroes - now at more than 90 VA and active military facilities.  

BioWave is proud to be on the Federal Supply Schedule and work with premier healthcare organizations who are leading the way with new non-opioid pain therapies for all federal employees, U.S. active military, and veterans helping them treat all different types of pain conditions.
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To enhance the important work being done by hospitals nationwide, BioWave provides advanced non-opioid pain therapy solutions for veterans, active military personnel and federal employees.

BioWaveHOME is currently in use at 90+ VA and active military facilities around the country in the following departments:

  • Pain Clinic
  • PM&RS
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)
  • Polytrauma
  • Primary Care


BioWave provides a meaningful improvement in veterans lives:

  • 86% report an improvement in quality of life*
  • 57% report a reduction in or elimination of opioid use*
  • 91% use BioWave on a daily or weekly basis to manage their pain*
  • 91% prefer BioWave over TENS*

BioWave is non-opioid, easy and safe

Reduces the Need for Opioids
Clinical studies show that BioWave reduces the need for opioids and other pain medications.

BioWavePRO and BioWaveHOME feel like a deep, smooth pressure sensation, not the noxious twitching at the surface of the skin like conventional TENS units. As a result, patient compliance is excellent.

Easy to Use
There is no programming, just pain relief at the touch of a button

Built-in software in both neurostimulators automatically limits the patient from reaching too high an intensity preventing the patient from receiving a burn.

Made in the USA
BioWavePRO, BioWaveHOME and all BioWave electrodes are manufactured here in the USA.



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  • "The BioWave unit is superior to the TENS unit that I previously had used since 1996. I was impressed with the residual pain relief experienced after using the BioWave. I am a chemist and as such, I tend to notate details when working with an alternate therapy. I can wholeheartedly recommend BioWave over the TENS unit as helpful in relieving pain."

    BioWave beats TENS

  • "In my experience, Biowave Neuromodulation Pain Therapy is a great adjunct therapy for providing long-lasting pain relief in my patients. I have several spinal stenosis patients who have had difficulty returning to daily activity through traditional physical therapy. When I treated my patients with Biowave, the treatments consistently provide about 48 hours of continued pain relief as well as a significant reduction in stiffness. I have found it to be one of the most helpful tools to get my patients to comfortably return to daily activities."

    Ron Yacoub Miami Marlins

    Clinic Director and Owner, Pinecrest Physical Therapy, Miami, FL,
    Key Biscayne Physical Therapy, Key Biscayne, FL,
    and Team Physical Therapist, Miami Marlins

  • "Since trying the BioWave machine, I have had immediate relief from the pain and have experienced about a 90 to 95% reduction in the pain. I have stopped taking medications and am feeling much better. The pain improvement is nothing short of miraculous."

    George R. Dean

    San Ramon, CA