Pain and Spine Clinics

For physicians in pain and spine clinics, BioWave provides a reimbursable Percutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (PENS) pain therapy, as well as a follow-up home prescription therapy for patients to manage their pain on an as-needed basis at home. All BioWave neurostimulators are designed to block pain at the source and can reduce the need for opioids and other pain medications.


BioWavePENS is a percutaneous frequency conduction pain block – the only FDA-cleared PENS device indicated for treating chronic, acute and post-operative pain. BioWavePENS is comprised of a BioWavePRO high-frequency neurostimulator and BioWave Percutaneous Electrodes. BioWave Percutaneous Electrodes are an array of over 1,000 needles 0.74mm in length that are inserted through the epidermis to provide a direct conductive pathway through skin allowing for deeper penetration of the active electrical field. BioWavePENS is the most advanced nerve stimulation therapy for treating severe chronic, acute or post-operative pain. It’s currently used to treat both nociceptive and neuropathic pain, typically in a pain and spine clinic or hospital setting under the supervision of a physician.

​The Percutaneous Electrode facilitates the delivery of a summation of high-frequency electrical signals through skin directly to the surface of nociceptive pain fibers.

The polarization of the pain fibers cause a multiplication of the high-frequency signals resulting in a low-frequency active electrical field encompassing the pain site. The active electrical field is thought to hyperpolarize the nerve and prevent the sodium-potassium ion exchange across the membrane of the C-fiber, inhibiting transmission of the pain signal (Frequency Conduction Block Theory). The electrical field also induces hypoesthesia in the volume of tissue treated beneath and surrounding each electrode.


BioWaveHOME is a prescription neurostimulator for patients to treat chronic, acute and post-operative musculoskeletal pain on an as-needed basis at home or while traveling.

If patients respond to BioWavePENS in the physician’s office, they typically will also respond to BioWaveHOME with noninvasive, reusable electrodes at home.

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