BioWave provides advanced portable pain therapy solutions for the athletic trainer and their athletes. BioWave is used by over 90 professional sports teams and over 160 major college athletic programs. Biowave neurostimulators provide instant, long lasting pain relief, and can be used during active or passive range of motion to improve function and accelerate an athlete's return to play.

Active Physical Therapy During the BioWave Treatment

In addition to providing a static 30-minute pain treatment, BiowavePRO and BiowaveHOME are used with noninvasive electrodes in physical therapy and athletic training settings during active or passive range of motion, exercise or stretching so patients can move more resistance through a greater range of motion with much less pain. The active BioWave electrical field removes the guarding effect associated with pain. Biowave facilitates motion and manages pain simultaneously.

The signal technology is covered by U.S. and international patents. All BioWave products are manufactured in the USA.

BioWave is NOT TENS

BiowavePRO® is a high frequency neurostimulator that provides a frequency conduction pain block. BioWave neurostimulators are used to block pain by delivering electrical signals through skin directly to the surface of nociceptive pain fibers. The active electrical field is thought to hyperpolarize the nerve and prevent the sodium – potassium ion exchange across the membrane of the C-fiber, inhibiting transmission of the pain signal (Frequency Conduction Block Theory). The electrical field also induces hypoesthesia in the volume of tissue treated beneath and surrounding each electrode.

Clinical studies have shown that BioWave’s neuromodulation medical devices can be used to reduce pain and improve function including increased range of motion, decreased stiffness and reduction of muscle spasm for up to 72 hours with Biowave Percutaneous Electrodes and for up to 24 hours with BioWave Noninvasive Electrodes following a single 30 minute treatment. Multiple treatments may provide a cumulative longer lasting residual benefit.