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February 28, 2019

BioWave Featured in Men’s Journal as a

To see real results fast, you need to attack every workout with intensity, purpose, and precision. But you can’t do that if you’re in pain. Athletes, veterans, and doctors have found a cutting-edge way to treat pain and speed athletic recovery. BioWave alleviates all kinds of pain for veterans, active military, and more than 120
February 19, 2019

Sleep Chronic Pain How To Break Cycle

How Sleep (Good or Bad) Affects Chronic Pain Symptoms Even if you think you’re sleeping the whole night through, your chronic pain could have a bigger impact than you realize on the quality of your sleep. Do you often wake up tired even though you think you slept like a log? It’s likely that your
January 19, 2019


Self Advocacy Tips for Pain Patients Chronic pain is something that stumps doctors and patients alike. It is a growing problem, yet it affects each person in very different ways. It’s important to make sure you’re communicating with your doctor and other medical staff how your pain affects you personally. Here are some tips to