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May 31, 2016

BiowaveHOME – Unit Throttles Back Intensity from 15% to 0%

This means the skin impedance AND/OR the electrode impedance is too high.

The software that controls BiowaveHOME works differently than in BiowavePRO.

If a patient’s skin is too dry (impedance is too high) or if the noninvasive electrode (pad) has been used many times and is dry or not tacky to the touch (impedance is too high) then you may find that the intensity on the BiowaveHOME unit can only be advanced to around 10-15% or so, at which point the PADS-to-BODY symbol flashes once and throttles back the intensity to zero.

How to Fix It

The way to correct this is to clean your skin thoroughly using a washcloth in the two locations that the pads are placed. If the electrodes are not tacky then spray or place a few drops of saline (salt water) on the pads and rub the entire surface so it glistens. Wait 30-60 seconds for the saline to absorb into the hydrogel on the pad. Using a new set of electrodes will work even better.

Reducing the impedance BOTH on the skin side AND on the electrode side will correct this issue and also ensure the greatest efficacy with Biowave.