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June 1, 2016

BiowaveHOME – Tips for plugging in and unplugging the cable

If the BioWaveHOME cable needs to be removed, FIRST place the BioWaveHOME unit FACE DOWN on a hard flat surface. Next, use your index finger on one hand to firmly press the nipple on the cable release button while the other hand GENTLY pulls out the connector.

Having said this, the cable NEVER has to be removed from the BioWaveHOME unit. When finished or not in use, the cable can be wrapped first over the top and down the FRONT of the unit and then around the back of the unit, up the channel and around over the top again several times in this direction. The unit can be stored with the cable wrapped around it in the travel bag. When recharging the battery, the AC charger plugs in the side of the unit so the cable never needs to be removed. This design was created to minimize plugging in and unplugging the cable.