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May 9, 2018

BioWave Is Better Than TENS For Pain Relief

BioWave Is better than TENS for pain relief.

BioWave is not a TENS unit.

BioWave is a patented, non-opioid, smarter pain blocking technology that is designed to block pain at the source.

TENS units only deliver electrical signals across the surface of skin. As the patient turns up the intensity of a TENS unit, a noxious twitchy sensation forms at the surface which MAY act like a distraction to the pain, but the TENS signals NEVER get to the pain nerves inside the body that are conducting the pain signals. This distraction is referred to as “Gate Control Theory.” When the TENS unit is turned off, if it works at all, the pain returns immediately.

TENS is a waste of time and money.

BioWave works because it is a patented, non-opioid, high-frequency neurostimulation pain blocking technology that delivers therapeutic electrical signals through skin into deep tissue right to the surface of nociceptive pain fibers. BioWave feels like the deep, smooth sensation of a muscle massage.

The electrical field that forms around these pain fibers prevents the sodium-potassium ion exchange across the membrane of the pain fiber preventing the formation of the pain impulse and blocking action potential propagation along the nerve. The result is the Biowave electrical field blocks the transmission of pain signals to the brain. The mechanism of action is called Frequency Conduction Block and is similar to a chemical anesthetic like Novocain, except BioWave is blocking the transmission of the pain signal electrically instead of chemically. Because the pain signal is blocked at the surface of the nerve inside the body, a 30-minute duration treatment can provide up to 24 hours of continued pain relief. Multiple 30-minute treatments can provide a cumulative benefit.

There are two BioWave protocols for treating patients:

1. Static Pain Therapy Treatment Protocol

• Treatment duration is 30-minutes.

• Easy to use – no programming – set up takes 2 minutes.

• Patients control their own comfort level by pressing the PLUS button.

• Software prevents the possibility of receiving a burn.

• Treatment is very comfortable so patient compliance is excellent.

• 100% of patients that respond in the clinic to treatment with BioWavePRO will respond to continued treatment at home with BioWaveHOME.

2. Active Physical Therapy Treatment Protocol

BioWave removes the guarding effect associated with pain so patients can move more resistance through a greater range of motion with much less pain. BioWave facilitates motion and manages pain simultaneously to facilitate and accelerate rehabilitation.

• Use in place of heat for 8 minutes to allow the effect of the electrical field to occur on the C-fibers, A-delta fibers, muscle tissue and to provide increased blood flow in the volume of tissue treated.
• Cohesive wrap, tape, Ace bandage or a Velcro strap is wrapped around the electrodes to help hold them in place.
• After the first 8 minutes, the intensity is reduced by 10% to reduce the sensation the patient feels from the electrical field.
• After the intensity is reduced, the patient begins active or passive range of motion, exercise or stretching therapy during the remainder of the 30-minute Biowave treatment.
• Because patients can accomplish more rehabilitation activity each session, after multiple physical therapy sessions, patients will be much further along to not only returning to activities of daily living but to competing in sports and other physical activities.

Feeling is believing.

Try BioWave, block the pain at the source and get back to doing more of the things you love and enjoying more active daily living.