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April 4, 2018

BioWave empowers athletes to play pain-free

BioWave empowers athletes to play pain-free.

It provides patented and portable pain relief for athletic trainers and their champions. BioWave is the chosen tool for athletic trainers and is used by over 90 professional sports teams (from the NFL and NHL to the NBA and MLB) plus over 160 major college athletic programs and high school sports programs across the country. BioWave neurostimulators provide instant, long-lasting pain relief, and can be used during active or passive range of motion to improve function and accelerate an athlete’s return to the game.

Forget what you know about old-fashioned Tens units!

BioWave has been in training rooms and sidelines for over 15 years empowering athletes to play, pain-free.

Athletic trainers choose BioWave because it’s simple to use and requires no programming.

Athletes love BioWave because it is easy to use and feels good.  They will be able to perform a static 30-minute treatment and perform active or passive range of motion exercises during their training.  BioWavePRO facilitates motion and manages pain simultaneously accelerating the return to play.

A 30-minute treatment with BioWavePRO can provide up to 24 hours of pain relief. This 30-minute treatment can be done in the training room, during a meeting, on a bus and even on the sidelines. Athletes who choose BiowavePRO report a 75% reduction in pain and their pain relief improves even further following treatment.

BioWavePRO is FDA cleared and made in the USA.

We have strong relationships with many insurance carriers that cover Work Comp injuries for professional athletes in the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, MLS and the Olympics.

Learn why BioWave and its patented, smarter pain blocking technology is the best-kept secret among top athletic trainers and athletes.


If you would like to learn more about BioWave and see you can implement BiowavePRO into your training regiment, please feel free to reach out.