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April 29, 2018

BioWave and Workers Compensation

Opioids…Opioids… Opioids…

Everywhere we look we are bombarded with information on the opioid crisis.

Injured workers are no stranger to the crisis as Opioids are the most used and expensive class of drugs to treat work-related injuries. As doctors are being forced to reduce the number of prescription opioids ordered, how do they bridge the gap to manage pain in our injured workforce?

BioWavePENS and BioWaveHome is an effective and non-opioid answer to bridging the gap and getting our workers the treatments they deserve.

How BioWavePENS Pain Blocking Technology Works:
BioWave neurostimulation devices use frequency conduction block as the mechanism of action to stop the signal of pain. The deep and Smooth electrical stimulation uses patented signal technology which can bypass the impedance of skin to reach the agitated nerves. Unlike outdated TENS units, BioWave signal technology creates an electrical field about the size of a grapefruit below the skin, encompassing the problematic C and A-delta nerve fibers. Within minutes the electrical field hyperpolarizes the C-fibers and induces hypoesthesia on the A-delta fibers. By adding our FDA Cleared Percutaneous electrode array, we can provide a direct conductive pathway through the skin into deep tissue.

The combination of our PENS electrodes with our unique neurostimulation delivery system, BioWave can typically provide pain relief of greater than 50% for up to 72 hours. The BioWavePENS clinical device is easy to use and can be integrated into a practices daily workflow without disruption. There is no programming required, and the patient controls the intensity of the treatment.

In office treatments are typically 6 to 12 treatments in 30 days. BioWave has an excellent continuum of care model designed to manage pain at home or work.

The BioWaveHome unit uses the same patented signal technology in combination with hydrogel electrodes. Efficacy of a 30-minute Home treatment can provide >50% reduction in pain for upwards of 24 hours.

BioWave and workers compensation:
* 81% of patients respond to BioWave neurostimulation
* Non-pharmacological pain relief
* Clinically proven
* Easy to administer
* No programming
* Unattended 30 minute treatment
* Continuum of care home unit
* Excellent reimbursement
* Preauthorizations are done by our team of professionals

BioWavePENS & BioWaveHome: Getting workers back to work!

Call Reuben DaSilva at BioWave Corporate for additional information: Office # 203-807-5802 or