BioWave is a life-changing, non-opioid pain relief solution that more than 90 VA Medical Centers, active military and federal employees are using to help treat their chronic and acute pain conditions. BioWave is clinically proven to effectively block pain for up to 24 hours from one thirty minute treatment. 85% of patients experience a significant reduction in pain.* Read the amazing, life-changing testimonials from veterans and active military,  and others who have experienced real and consistent pain relief from using BioWave here. BioWave is proud to work with the Veteran’s Administration who is leading the way with new non-opioid pain therapies to help Veterans treat all different types of chronic pain conditions.

Thank you for your service!

Veterans, active military and federal employees can receive a BioWaveHOME unit through their VA at NO CHARGE. Please fill out the brief form below so we can get to work for you. Once we receive your form one of our BioWave employees will contact you by email to help you through the provisioning process to get your BioWaveHOME
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    If your health care provider is having a hard time visiting the BioWave website because of their secure network, you can have them contact us at or 1-877-246-9283 ext 1 and we'll send them all of the information they need.
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  • "In my experience, Biowave Neuromodulation Pain Therapy is a great adjunct therapy for providing long-lasting pain relief in my patients. I have several spinal stenosis patients who have had difficulty returning to daily activity through traditional physical therapy. When I treated my patients with Biowave, the treatments consistently provide about 48 hours of continued pain relief as well as a significant reduction in stiffness. I have found it to be one of the most helpful tools to get my patients to comfortably return to daily activities."

    Ron Yacoub Miami Marlins

    Clinic Director and Owner, Pinecrest Physical Therapy, Miami, FL,
    Key Biscayne Physical Therapy, Key Biscayne, FL,
    and Team Physical Therapist, Miami Marlins

  • "I tried the BioWave system at my physical therapy appointment. I was getting my physical therapy session following my 6th hand surgery at HSS in Manhattan. I am quite astonished.  I am quite free of pain in my damaged hand!  This seems like a real game changer!  Many thanks!"

    Mark Loughridge

  • "I am a neurosurgeon and I have been using BioWave over the past 2 years. The system is easy to use and has given my practice an additional modality to help with difficult to treat back and neck symptoms that are not amenable to traditional spine surgery. I also use BioWave for patients with excessive postoperative pain. The system gives me an idea how patients respond to neuromodulation and facilitates the patients appreciation of neurostimulation prior to any invasive trials."

    Sagi Kuznits MD

    Neurosurgical Care
    Royersford, PA